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Multicraft – Updating server plugins

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    ====Logging into the Multicraft control panel====
    Navigate to the admin page on the Z Server website ( and click on the correct control panel link for the server you need to access.

    IPs ending in:
    100-103 – Lizuna
    16-19 & 244 – Ovis-Aries

    Navigate to the servers tab and click on the server you need to manage. Once there click on the files drop down on the left side and click on FTP file access. As long as you have options to manage files on the server you will see instructions to connect via an FTP client like Filezilla.

    Port: 2121
    FTP Username: username.#
    FTP Password: Your Multicraft Password

    Once inside of the FTP server navigate to the /plugins folder. Once here you can manage plugins by disabling them, updating them, or changing their configurations (use a plugin like Notepad++ when editing config files). Keep in mind when updating plugins that if two jars for the same plugin exist and are loadable the server will do weird things or break. To disable a plugin simply right click it and rename it to have a .disabled after its name (Ex. lwc.jar.disabled). Once you are done making changes to a config file reload the plugin usually with a command like /pluginname reload. If you updated or disabled a plugin you will need to restart the Minecraft server.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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